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Business Against Trafficking: Goals and Objectives

Business Against Trafficking is a coalition of businesses that support efforts to stop sex trafficking. The funds these businesses provide help to create and maintain homes and services for those who find freedom. These businesses train their employees to recognize trafficking victims, and hope to be part of the solution for their communities.

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How Can You Help?

You can recognize these businesses when you see the Business Against Trafficking Logo on their websites, social media and doors.

When you utilize businesses listed here, let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Let them know how important this fight is to your community.

Businesses can assist by providing anti-trafficking training to their employess through a membership with Business Against Trafficking. 

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Work With Us To End Human Trafficking

There are businesses against human trafficking because they recognize that this crime exploits its victims for financial gain and undermines fundamental principles of freedom and human rights. These companies stand up against exploitation by challenging demand through public awareness initiatives that support survivors through employee advocacy programs such as Kim’s Place (a house for trafficked women in Oregon), the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance, Shared Hope; and investing in prevention through partnerships with nonprofits like Polaris or The Underground Railroad.

When we speak, they listen

Together we can create a world where human trafficking is unacceptable everywhere.

Supporting organizations

We work with a number of organizations to strengthen their fight against human trafficking.

Partnering with you

Providing businesses with resources and training materials to use in their everyday operations and staff trainings.

Fighting for justice

We believe that fighting for justice is a team effort. That’s why we’re always looking for new partnerships to achieve our goals

From Our Founder

Be Part of the Solution

“Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery that exploits men, women, and children by forcing them to work or provide services against their will. It’s a global problem with an estimated 40 million people trapped in modern-day slavery. We focus on businesses that fight human trafficking and you should consider doing the same.”

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