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Business Against Trafficking is a coalition of businesses that support efforts to stop sex trafficking. The funds these businesses provide help to create and maintain homes and services for those who find freedom.

These businesses train their employees to recognize trafficking victims, and hope to be part of the solution for their communities.


Work With Us To End Human Trafficking

Businesses play an important role in eradicating this problem and supporting efforts to help trafficking victims recover from traumatic experiences. As a business owner, you can help us fight human trafficking.

What is the business Against Trafficking mission?

To train and equip businesses to fight trafficking and provide funding to agencies that provide services to trafficked victims.

How does a small business help prevent trafficking?

 Join business against trafficking to gain insights and information to be provided with updates and the latest news about trafficking in your area. We will assist organizations that are local to you and provide housing and services to those who need them.

In addition your Business against Trafficking membership will provide training to you as a resource for your employees, to learn about what trafficking is, how to assess a trafficking situation, and the appropriate measures to take.

What types of businesses participate?

Businesses that are concerned about their community who want to invest in their client base.

Where can I find a list of members?

There is a page on this website that you can find here or in the main menu

What is your policy on hiring people who have been trafficked or exploited?

We are a survivor lead organization. We believe in empowering those who have been trafficked by providing opportunities in employed and volunteer positions.

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How You Can Support Our Cause

Get Involved

Businesses Against Human Trafficking are taking action to help end sex trafficking in their communities by being committed to be part of the solution. Join us and make a difference


We believe your financial support has a role to play in this fight by helping maintain a global network of business leaders committed to ending modern-day slavery.

Be Informed

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Join other businesses who are doing their part to stop trafficking. Start by educating yourself on the facts and being proactive in your community.

Our entry level Bronze Package includes access to a yearly training of one person in your organization on human trafficking, (Four hour presentation), Information to share within your offices, a listing on the Business Against Trafficking website, and other marketing materials to display your company’s stand against trafficking: $450 per year.

Other levels include onsite training for groups and added marketing opportunities.

From Our Founder

Be Part Of The Solution

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It’s the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world, right behind drugs and arms trafficking, and its scope is staggering.

Each year there are nearly 20 million victims of human trafficking globally. It’s a pandemic that exists in every country — even in developed nations like the United States

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