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Our coaches at Adventurous Life will partner with you to accomplish your goals regardless of the obstacles that have held you back. We are trained, certified with the ICF, and have the life experience and passion to support you on your journey.


Maryanne Remsburg

We are Brian and Maryann Remsburg, founders of Adventurous Life. We seek to live out our PURPOSE adventurously in all areas of life. We have taken risks financially, gone on multiple mission and service trips to help those less fortunate, and crossed the cultural divide to develop friendships with people who view the world much differently than we do. While we had many adventures during the 18 years we spent living overseas working in international education and adult training, we continue to step into the unknown while now living in the States.


Brian and MaryAnn are a dynamic duo of life coaches who go above and beyond for all of their clients. I have had the unique opportunity to be on their wonderful podcast series, and see the value they bring to the community of Oregon City. If you are looking to grow and break free of the mundane, Adventurous Life is only an inquiry away. I highly recommend!

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